79th Unit and Phoenix Valentino are scam artists

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What can I say about 79th Unit at www.79thunit.com.They are liars and cheats.

They over promise and misquote you the entire way. I doubt if they are even a real company. Most likely a 1 man show ran by Mr Phoenix Valentino. DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY unless you want to be lied to and cheated.

I am personally in the process of taking them to court. I hired them to develop my website 3 months ago, all Ive gotten from them so far is a logo and a couple of wire frames that I could have done at home by myself. Phoenix Valentino has continuously lied and over promised on everything from the start. I have now not only wasted 3 months for nothing but I am also out over $5000.

I requested a refund from Phoenix Valentino and 79th Unit but now he is not answering my calls.Their 800 # does not work either and their address is a private apartment building.

Review about: Website Development.



We to were scammed by Phoenix Valentino.


The man certainly has a problem, heroin or something. Sure u can contact me at kubrickstyle3 at aol.com. He has finally agreed to refund my money though we will see what happens.

to Amahamat London, London, United Kingdom #1176405

Do you possibly have anymore information on Mr Phoenix Valentino?As i think i may be working for him.

In which case, i need to know.I tried to email you but it wouldn't allow me to send the email.

Thank you.


Yeah He screwed me too.

I think he has a heroin problem.

I'd like to follow suit. Please let me know if you'd like to speak.

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